Hair| Quick Natural Faux Updo|Wedding Guest Edition

(Sorry for the late upload. I didn’t realize it didn’t publish until I got home)

Hey Loves,

Recently I celebrated the beautiful union of two beautiful people and I rocked this hair and makeup look to their wedding. I got tons of compliments on it so I decided to go ahead and share it with you all.  I hope you enjoy. (Steps Below)

Coleman Wedding Hair Blog


  • Braiding Hair (I used 2 packs cause I love my buns full)
  • Bobby Pins
  • Edge Control
  • Rubber bands
  • Hair Ties


  1. Using the edge control and a brush get your hair up into a top bun. (However you prefer and remember to not make it super tight) Cover it with a scarf to help lay the edges and go do your makeup. (Tutorial for this look coming soon)
  2. Taking the braiding hair out the bag but not taking the rubber band off, attach the rubber band to your top bun.
  3. Two strand twist each side and secure the ends with a rubber band.
  4. Add the second bag of hair (if you want) and do the same thing.
  5. Taking one of the twist and wrap it completely around your natural top bun. The first objective is to cover it. Pin in place
  6. This is where an explanation cannot be given because it is a trail and error situation. Tighten the twist and then arrange how you see fit. Pin as necessary and viola.

The makeup is Friday’s upload so don’t worry it will be on time!

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