Storytime| Resistance Band Tried to Blind Me!

The gym and I have always had a little bit of a struggled relationship. Sometimes it loves me and sometimes there are days where I wished the power was out and I could just join a fireteam on my couch (NERD reference). However recently while enjoying the extremely difficult 30 minutes of Core Extreme (CX), I met an obstacle I never even considered an enemy.

Using resistance bands is a normal part of this class and in fact has never caused me any major issues but for some reason things had to change. While setting up to do summer back rows, I met my enemy face to face….well eye to eye rather. For those who don’t know, to set up for back rows using resistance bands, you have to sit on the floor and position the bands under your feet. Once the band is secure in the center of your sneaker you just bring the bands up to the row position. Sounds simple right?


When I pulled up to start my row, nothing could stop the band from sliding up my sneaker and releasing to what I can only describe as the “sling of death” RIGHT INTO MY EYEBALL. From that point on all I felt was immense pain springly from what is normally the position of my right eye. “BLACK AND YELLOW” Stars was all I could see and tears was all I could feel at this point. Seriously have never experienced that kind of pain in my life. I was for sure I was going to open my eye and not be able to see a thing.

I opened my eyes and THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS I could actually see. Granted it took me about 10 minutes to stand up and not feel like my world was spinning on its own separate axis, but baby steps right. You would think this would end my storytime but you have to understand how serious this injury could have been. That night I started getting intense light sensitivity. To the point where I turned the light on in my bedroom while I took a shower because my bathroom light was entirely too bright.

After two days of the pain getting worse I finally went to see my optometrist. He actually chuckled when he read my file and said “oh I haven’t had one of these in a while” and he said it was good that I came in because its better to make sure nothing was severely damaged.

I got this drops to help with the pain and I just want to say PLEASE be careful.

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