Fit Check| Week 12

Week 12….what the cookies happened to the rest of the weeks of June. Yeah you guessed it…epic fail. I cannot say that I am proud of it. But good news is yet again I have to say “Keep it up”. I have even made a mental decision to actively pre planned every day separately so that I can keep it on myfitnesspal. I even peel my oranges the night before and put it on the scale to make sure I accurately log everything.

Here’s my current meal plan and calories:

Pre Breakfast – Fiber Drink (25 Calories)

Breakfast – Protein Shake (100 Calories)

Snack 1 – Orange (162 Calories) + Unsalted Cashews (160 Calories)

Lunch – Turkey and Spaghetti Squash [DIY Recipe I can share if you want] ( 238 calories)

Snack 2 –  Apple (95 Calories) + Unsalted cashews (160 Calories)

Dinner – 4 oz. Chicken (120 Calories) + 2 Cups Spinach (15 Calories)

Total Predicted: 1075 Calories

** I’m sure this is just an estimate but this gives me some room for adjustments and things like that ***

I also noticed something this week when I put my arm band on. My resting heart rate is about 100. I would love to get that lower as well.

I am still trying to decide how I want my workout layout to be but no more Fridays off. I am back to a 6 day workout schedule focusing mainly on cardio and yoga. On Tuesdays, Thursdays I will be striving for 3 miles. I am going to add weights in on these days and make Friday my heavy lifting day focusing mainly on my lower half.

My currently weight is 232.8 lbs so there really isn’t a need to do a breakdown as I know that is a backwards trend for me.

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