Hair| Tips and Tricks to Wearing Wigs

Tips for Wigs 1

Hey Loves

I have been natural since 2011 which is also around the time that I feel in love with wigs as a quick and easy protective style. In my everyday life (not my youtube spots) I get asked about wigs a lot. Some women are actually afraid to wear them and some just do not know how they would manage one.

So here’s 10 tips I wanted to share:

  1. INVEST IN GOOD WIG CAPS: This protects your hair from rubbing against the wig so it better to get one that is actually secure.
  2. PART YOUR HAIR WHERE THE WIG PART IS: It helps it look more natural and it will help the wig lay like it is your natural part.
  3. CONCEALER SHOULD MATCH YOUR SCALP: If you are applying it to the part on the wig you want it to look like your natural scalp. You can blend it to your foundation if you want. You don’t always have to put concealer on your wigs and sometimes even I don’t.
  4. CORNROWS vs. TWO STRAND TWIST: Since I have thick hair that is growing longer I have been figuring out the best ways to tuck all of my hair under my wig caps without creating a large bump. For short wigs and/or straight wigs I prefer cornrows and for the curly wigs it is pretty much whatever I want to do.
  5. CORNROW YOUR HAIR BASED ON COMBS: I say this because you want the combs to have something to latch to OR you could have a wig that doesn’t have combs. To help prevent a MAJOR INCIDENT I usually braid one or two braids across rather than back. Also if you do not have combs PLEASE make sure to secure your wig.
  6. ADJUST THE WIG TO SUIT YOU: I hardly ever wear my wigs on straight and they always look better to me personally if I don’t. Turn, tilt, and whatever you have to do to make it your own.
  7. NON LACE FRONTS SHOULD NOT BE WORN DIRECTLY ON HAIRLINE: This just leaves room for blending. Really nothing else I can say about that.
  8. BOBBY PINS: Pins work especially well when you have a super curly fro. It helps shape the hair around your face and however you want it to look.
  9. LAY THOSE EDGES: Personally I feel like this layed look helps the look look finished and/or more polished.
  10. NATURAL HAIR COLOR HELPS BLENDING: I buy some of my wigs in my natural hair color to help them blend in more. Another tip to help them look more natural.

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