Single Girl Survival Guide| Bug Prevention

Hey Loves,

HAPPY 4th of July!

When the seasons change, there are plenty of issues that can arise. One of the major issues is BUG ARE BACK.

So as a single woman you should take some things into consideration:

Store food away so you do not attract ants. I will never forget the first time I saw a trail of ants going in and out of my “closed” box of fruit loops.

Season changes or weather changes brings out bugs in groups. For example after the floods in Houston, there were mosquitoes everywhere in large droves. Sometimes, especially with Zika, it is better to walk around smelling like DEET than risking that.

During the spring is when I noticed a large amount of wasp nets popping up in the worst places. For some reason I had a large one at my front door and my balcony door. I put in the request to my pest control but they only come around on specific days. So I got the spray that you can shoot a good distance away from the nest and handled them myself. They drop almost instantly and then you can just sweep them up.

Something you would not think about is you can prep your apartment or home before the bugs really start trying your life. Home Defense is the best option in my opinion. You can spray everywhere and you only have to do it once. I recommend you don’t do what I did and wait for the rain to stop. Just follow the instructions.

Another thing you should look at doing at a minimum of four times a year is sending some bleach down the drains and spraying your vents. Especially the garbage disposal in the kitchen, this will eliminate smells and potential nats.

Maybe this is a southern thing, or places by lakes…honestly I HAVE NO IDEA! Lately I have opened my door and been bombarded with mosquitoes trying to bite my soul and enter into my humble home. Again I tried everything natural I could find and nothing worked so a good old spray how helped take care of that issue as well.


Raid Wasp & Hornet Defense System
Raid Yard Guard Mosquito Fogger
Bug Spray (DEET is the important ingredient it should have)
Containers to safely secure food




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