Freestress Equal Luxury Edition Green Cap Wig 011 [OTDKPU]

|||||Wig Stats|||||


Bob Length

Freestress Equal


Flat Iron Safe (Up to a point)

Ebonyline: $15.95 

|||||My Thoughts|||||

DkPL Wig Review Thumbs Down

Unlike the model, the wig does not come with a distinctive part and the closure is so “twisted” I have to figure out which part of the swirl I should let the hair flow to.

This wig has no combs

OTDKPU is described online as “black purple” so I assumed it would just been such a deep purple it would come off black. I imagined it to be something similar to the midnight blue black wigs I have seen. However this wig came as a black wig with purple highlight streaks.

Even though it is a short wig as I am combing through the hair to make the hair how I want it, I am experiencing shedding from the wig ALREADY.

Another concern I have with this wig is that I feel it is not the same as the picture in terms of how it is cut. The layers do not seem to be the same.

How do you guys like the wig?



FYI: The reasons I have not addressed what has been going on is because I am personally grieving about the situation and I will address it when I feel like I can put all of my feelings about the situation into words.

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