Juvia’s Place (old) Lash Bundle

*NOTE: The bundle on Juvia’s Place is no longer a variety bundle. It is only one of the many lashes. When it changes I will try to keep you guys updated.

Video Click Link

|||:Lash Detail:|||

From: Juvia’s Place (Online Store)

Cost: $16

Claims: Easy to Apply, Great for all eye shapes, won’t break the bank


  • VERY Affordable $4 per lashes
  • Full lashes
  • Reusable
  • Pretty


  • No names so I cannot tell you which ones I fell in love with immediately and ones that step me out of my comfort zone
  • Some of the bands are really thick which makes the ability to bend a little difficult.
  • Had to hold the lash in place on my eye since it bends a little differently than my eye shape
  • (This may be a personal issue) The lashes I am wearing in the video were a little heavy.


I will still keep buying these as soon as I find out the names of them because I think they are great for their price and they look great on me.

|||Special News|||

Juvia’s Place posted on IG that the Masquerade palette has been pushed back to August 5 instead of being released July 18 so sadly no videos for that yet but it is coming.


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