Epic Date Disaster with AT&T U-Verse


This weekend I had the most horrific date I have had in a long time and it was with AT&T U-Verse. To start I was having my normal Friday Destiny relaxation when all of a sudden I kept getting kicked off the server thus kicking me off my fire team and my missions. I figured hey why don’t I just let AT&T handle this issue. HUGE MISTAKE!

After the stupid “automated help service” did its dumb thing I finally got a representative who felt like it was okay to tell me “you know you could just troubleshoot it yourself with the app”. Now me being the person that I am, number one why would you obsolete yourself like that and two ITS YOUR JOB TO HANDLE THIS SO I AM NOT DOING THIS ON MY OWN. When the problem was finally fixed I was notified that there may be a signal issue and the representative decided that a tech needed to be sent to my home. (MIND YOU MY INTERNET WAS WORKING AT THIS POINT)


I got a phone call from a technician named Rueben (Yes I am calling out specifics) saying that he thinks the issue is not the signal in my apartment but at the box. He says he is going to fix it and call me to keep me in the loop but that I should stay home for when he has to come to my house to make sure it works. Within minutes my internet goes down, cutting me off from Destiny once again and I assume that Rueben is working. 9:30 pm comes and I have not heard not one thing from AT&T, so I called the number I was called on only to be directed to a voicemail telling me to call his boss Justin WHO ALSO DID NOT RESPOND. At this point I have missed out on XUR at the REEF for my three of coins and everything so I am really pissed off.  I call AT&T back and this time I am directed to their second rate technicians because he just sounds like he is reading prompts and of course concludes that the technician did not finish his job (DUH) and schedules a specialist to come check out my stuff anytime between 8 am and 8pm. YES  AT&T gave me a 12 hour window to wait for my internet to get fixed and when I protested he responded “well ma’am this is all I can do”. I am so mad at this point I just hang up the phone and try to wait for tomorrow.


I get a call from Technician #2 Kevin who informs me that he is going to come to my apartment first to try and figure out what is going on. He shows up within the next 5 minutes and gets right on it. What makes only moment less infuriating is because he is asking questions and unlike ALL the people I spoke to on the phone he seems to be listening and understanding what is going on. He spends about 2 and half hours in my house and at the box that the other technician messed up and comes back to now we notice that a new modem needs to be installed because my current one is not picking up a signal. COOL but he is a specialist and does not have any modems so he actually took the time to hunt one down and then came back AGAIN to hook it up for me. Unfortunately after hooking it up and being on the phone with Tier 2 I was still stuck on the vortex of no Wi-Fi and their explanation…an outage….

Kevin then tells me that hopefully when the outage is over the service light will come and everything will be ok. THANKS KEVIN you really did try to help.


So again I call the number and get directed to their second rate tech team because it’s before 8 am and I explain how my entire weekend went down and I ask about the outage. I of course don’t get my question answered and they proceed to tell me that maybe it is something wrong with my modem and that that it needs to be replaced even though I specifically told them that is had already been replaced. I wait until 8 am and then call again and get someone who sounds like they may have a little more power but I still get no results. Of course the first question “did you restart it”….now genius if it is brand new and I have never used it then why is your first question to restart it.

O at this point I also got the generic “we care” return tweets back which we all know is just as automated as their customer service line. The lady I called this time really did not help much either. I called and after repeating my phone number 3 times she did the whole “let me read the notes on what is going on with the account” and literally I keep thinking I should have just called Kevin and told him that it still wasn’t working. Mind you while this is going on I have also decided to tweet about this terrible experience where ATT Cares is trying to get me to DM because of course NOW THEY CARE. I am trying to figure out how even after I explain the whole situation the only thing she gets from her notes is “I see they scheduled another technician” DUH GIRL! I told you that. Do these representatives even listen.

At least the one good thing is to say that the Technician Kevin was the only part of this experience that was good. He actually tried and he even went above and beyond twice. So when AT&T sees this which I know they will, you guys should consider upgrading him because he actually cares. Not to mention as I write this he called me to inform me that he is trying to figure out what happened with the outage but I am still internet less.

I think I am going to switch to Xfinity, so if no videos this week please know I am trying but they don’t care about their customers like they claim.

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