I Fell Down (Again) but I Got Back Up…

Hey Loves,

I know I have not posted a fit check up since June and that is because I pretty much gave up. Trying to just wing it myself was not working for me. So July 12 I made the decision to order Massy Aria’s Nutrition Plan. However due to some technical difficulties (Full Review of Service at the end of 8 weeks) I am just starting the plan this week so I will talk about it here.

Since the plan was made specifically for me I am not going to share my meal plan however you can see what I am doing everyday through myfitnesspal.

I have taken starting photos but I have to be very honest and say I am not comfortable even looking at the photos myself so maybe at the end of the 8 weeks I will be able to show you guys.

Here are my stats (the ones I need for the plan):

Weight: 235.2 lbs (Yep gained a lot in a month)

Chest: 41″

Waist: 39″

Hips: 51″

Thigh: 31.5″

Upper Arm: 15″

Calf: 17″

The plan requires a biweekly check in so that is what I will do on my blog as well. Wish me luck .

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