7 Tips for Body Odor (Summer Help)

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Sweating is a natural part of life and is actually a vital part of our everyday lives. It is used as our body natural ability to cool itself and prevent you from overheating. The sweat usually comes from the glands located all over your body. There are 2 major types of sweat glands, ECCRINE and APOCRINE.

“Eccrine glands secrete an odorless, clear fluid that helps the body to control its temperature by promoting heat loss through evaporation. In general, the type of sweat involved in hyperhidrosis is eccrine sweat.”

The glands that we are concerned with today are out APOCRINE gland. This the gland that you will find in your armpits and private parts. When you sweat in this areas they produce a fluid that comes into contact with the bacteria found on your body. This particular interaction is what causes your body odor.

So with this information (simply put of course) here are 7 tips:

1.Shower and Bathe Regularly: Regularly cleaning your body helps with the reduction of the bacteria on your body. Remember to change your towels regularly as well. Otherwise washing is pointless as you are using dirty towels.

2.  Learn the power of deodorant and antiperspirant: Deodorant fights bacteria that feeds on sweat. Antiperspirant stops the production of sweat that bacteria feeds on. So just decided which one you think will work for you the most. Feel free to experiment and see which one your body reacts to. Plus sometimes you will have to switch it up just to give your body something different.

3. Clean your armpits regularly: After the shower take witch hazel and a cotton swab  and rub it onto your armpit. You will notice you are pulling the dirt from your clogged pores. This is because when we sweat sometimes with the deodorant on top it tends to get trapped in our pores and sometimes we need a little extra love to help stay super clean.

4. Carry deodorant wipes, alcohol pads, travel size deodorants in your purse or bag when you are on the go. Remember you cannot leave the deodorant in your car otherwise it will melt and become useless.

5. Consider making cute summer outfits using breathable fabrics, this helps air circulation thus preventing more sweat buildup.

6. Consider trimming, cutting, shaving and/or waxing areas such as your armpits that tend to trap odor. Hair usually holds odor as well  so I recommend washing your hair regularly to help combat that smell.

7. Foods that are heavy in garlic, curry and onions ares foods that are considered to have a volatile, sulfuric substances that will give you spells. Your body will emit this in your sweat which could potentially give you another smell. So as usual diet matters!!.

I hope this helps!!! Keep on enjoying your summer!



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