Journey to My Happy| Social Detox

As you all know there has been A LOT of HATE, RACISM, INJUSTICE, and just plain WRONG happening in our world lately. I found myself personally attached to a lot of what was happening and in turn it started effecting my everyday desire to do anything. The crazy feeling of helpless I felt was really wearing me down and causing physical signs of depression. After long talks with one of the special people in my life I started putting together that literally most of my feelings were stemmed from all the crazy that I was seeing on social media and it was eating away at my soul. This is where my need to Social Detox began. If you follow me on IG I posted a long message after Philando Castille was murdered and I checked out for that weekend. Luckily for me that weekend was a planned weekend to go hang with the besties in Atlanta.

I consider this my first step of my detox: More social physically less social online. I say this because you do not realize how much you spend on social media scrolling until you cut it off. I deleted facebook from all my devices as it was the main one I find myself scrolling the most. I kept IG and Twitter but only my blog accounts and I have completely dismantled the other ones. From now on I stopped reading past the news article into the comments. I am only on fb messenger AND I can say 3 weeks in it has been amazing. I give myself 15 minutes on facebook a day and then I log out and it is always on my computer never my smaller devices. I started filtering what I want to see on my feeds. I have also started making it a point to pick up my phone and use it for its primary purpose and call people to see how they are doing. Text messages and messagers have taken away how nice and relaxing that is.

Another thing that I have started doing and I am really loving the results is reading my bible daily and meditation. Honestly I have not fully mastered meditation as it still relaxes me to the point that I wake up the next morning BUT it is helping. I also carry my journal around with me to write down feelings and ideas I have throughout the day.

Without constant social media, I have definitely been more at peace within myself and a lot calmer. I have read plenty of articles that say Facebook has negative affects on you but I did not take them seriously until I deleted the app from my phone.

What do you do to relax in this crazy world of ours?

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