Colourpop Ultra Gloss Review + Swatches

|||Click here for Video|||

I am back and of course I had to see what Colourpop was talking about. I have the ultra glosses now and I ready for the review:

21 Shades ( $6.00 Each); 4 Different Finishes


Provides extreme shine with a cushion-like comfortable feel (absolutely NO stickiness or tackiness!) This lip gloss smooths and conditions the lips with emollient ingredients leaving your lips looking fuller, healtheir and super kissable.


  • Sheer: Transparent gloss with a hint of colour that does not contain any pearl or glitter
  • Sheer-Metallic: Transparent gloss with multi-dimensional glitter
  • Creme: Medium coverage gloss with a creamy finish that does not contain any pearl or glitter
  • Ultra-Metallic: Full coverage gloss with a smooth pearl metal finish that does not contain any glitter


Wolfie Final
(Ultra Metallic) Rich Rosy Pink with a Flash of Gold

Crystal Ball Final.jpg
(Metallic) Deep Forest Green with a hint of Blue

Weho final
(Creme) Creamy Beige



honey b final
(Creme) Vivid Magenta

fluffy final.jpg
(Creme) Mid-Tone Cool Grey
dropout final

(Sheer) Chocolate Raspberry

|||My Thoughts|||

The reason I did not add any description of the colors is because the description of the colors are spot on. Please Click the video above for live true swatches. I know that on their snap chat they made a big deal with about the doe foot applicator but to me it is not that much of a difference from the other lippies that have been released. I give these glosses (even though I am a matte girl) two THUMPS UP. What do you think?

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