New Meal Plan Update #1

Hola Lovies,

I did my first bi weekly check in yesterday so as promised I am going to share with you guys what my first 2 weeks were like. I received 4 different meal plans: High Carbs, Moderate Carbs, Low Carbs, 80/20 (Cheat Meal Day). My first two weeks were broken down to  weight lifting Monday through Friday and Cardio Monday, Wednesday through Sunday.  (I will post the full schedule at the end of the 8 weeks)

As far as getting myself into the gym everyday that was perfectly fine. Since I only paid for the meal plan the exercise part was left just to me and I decided to see if weight lifting and then cardio would work sufficiently for this plan. My hardest day of cardio was Wednesday because I have to do HIIT treadmill for 30 minutes. I have a “running” schedule where I change speeds and inclines at specific times which still trying to run. IT WAS HARD. I apparently do not have the right kind of coordination for that so until I can get the hang of it I have just kept the speed between 3.5-4.5 and just adjust the incline with the time. I plan on working towards faster times. One day last week I skipped because my body was just in agony and I took the day to fully stretch and stuff.

I have somehow completely lost my appetite. As we speak I ended up eating my breakfast an hour late because I forgot to eat. The food was been great. Even the simplest of meals have been good to eat, but I just am not hungry. For example for breakfast on some days I have eaten FRENCH TOAST (made with Ezekiel bread and sugar free syrup but still). I cannot finish it all. The only meal I am strictly disgusted with is the protein shake and that is because it is just nasty! What protein shakes do you guys use? I need one with 20g of protein and preferably veggie based.

I take a B-12 vitamin, Flintstones gummies, fish oil and vitamin D daily. I have a reminder in my phone to take them daily. In fact I now have alarms that ring every 3 hours to eat as well. My results were not where I wanted them to be and I know its because for once I am not eating and I just have to force myself to eat cause the food is good.

See you guys in 2 weeks.



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