Review| NYX Lip Lustre & Illuminating Sticks

While in Ulta looking for my body oil, I of course stopped by NYX Cosmetics to see if there was anything new and YES! I present to you new glosses and new illuminating sticks. However I must say (as I said in my review video) I assumed all of the illuminating sticks where highlighters because I could not actually see any of these colors as blushes or bronzers by someone with my skin color.


Lip Lustre Glossy Lip Tint

Lip Lustre

12 Colors

Liquid Plum blog
Liquid Plum
Blog Purple
Dark Magic

Ulta, $6.99

Smell DIVINE (But Taste Gross)

Definetly a thumbs up in the pigmentation department because these go on way more than just a tint.

Bright Idea Illuminating Sticks

12 Colors (Blush, Highlighter and Bronzers)

Illuminating Sticks
Lavender Lust & Maui Suntan

Ulta, $7.99

Small and Compact make them perfect for any purse

Creamy Formula; Very blendable


As a woman with brown skin none of the bronzers were anything except highlighters on me.

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