Ipsy Project 2| August & Current Thoughts

So far what are my thoughts on the matter are as follows:

I think maybe the IPSY bags need a little more tweeking when it comes to catering to dark skin but it is not super terrible. Both bags pretty much gave me 4 out of 5 awesome things to use. If you would like to see what I got in the July Bag CLICK HERE. But is here is what I got for the August Bag and I must say I am in LOVE with the bag itself. Creative and my favorite color:

August Ipsy

The good from this bag:

Symphony Beauty Makeup Wipes (Normal Retail $9.99 for 60 Sheets)

Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick “K, Bye” (Normal Retail $22)

Formula X Nail Polish “Dollface” (Normal Retail $10.50)

Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel (Normal Retail $28)

The bad and why I was mad:

NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator “Sunbeam” (Normal Retail $7.50)

I just also state that I already own the Sun Goddess and Gleam and sunbeam is the LIGHTEST color available for this product. Surprisingly it is like they knew they made a mistake and sent me an email saying that Sunbeam can be used on all skintones (LIE) and then they sent me a link to this video:

Where the BEAUTIFUL NUBIAN QUEEN @Cydbee was giving 3 different ways on how to glow. If you notice in the video even she is not using Sunbeam but in fact she is using GLEAM. Which further proves my statement about this being a BAD choice for my bag. Good try to cover it up though IPSY. The email did state to get a change I could reply to the email but when I did I got all the emails of excuses about how they will try to get to me so my hopes are extremely low about a better color option.

Do you like IPSY? Have you tried it?

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