First Impression/Demo: UD All Nighter Liquid Foundation

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|||Available Shades|||

24 Shades;

Dark Starts at 8.0 so 8 shades for the melanin enriched


Oil Free, Waterproof

|||Texture & Consistency|||

True Liquid Foundation with tons more pigmentation that previous foundation (Their claim) so though it is a liquid you still don’t need a lot on your face.

|||Coverage & Finish|||

Full Coverage (I did no color correcting in the picture above)

Matte Finish


Because it is waterproof and oil free they are claiming that this foundation is in fact made for the all night event you plan on attending with you and your friends.


Love the packaging and the fact that the bottle is see through. It has an airless pump (YAY PUMPS)



|||Skincare Benefits|||



Just like their Naked foundation I LOVE IT! Naked looks like skin on me but so does this on. My shade is 11.0 just like in the Naked Foundation so I am a little disappointed that they still have more lighter colors than dark colors. Maybe I will stop complaining about this when it’s an even number. I still however cannot deny how NICE this foundation looked on me and how nicely it blended and truly stayed. I am recommending this foundation. I do plan on doing a humidity test on this foundation very soon.


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