5 Things About Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out

Hey Loves,

So I have been out of the social world due to business trips and surgeries but I am good now. By good I mean I am sitting on my couch with an icepack on my cheek and I was thinking what tips could I present to you guys.

  1. Read the estimate price making sure it covers ALL the teeth you need removed. I got an estimate not realizing it was only for 2 teeth instead of the 4 i needed remove
  2. The biggest bit of change comes from the anesthesia NOT the actually teeth pulling. Each tooth was about $50 but 15 minutes of KO gas was over $100. And they recommend you reserve at least an hour of it to start.
  3. Due to the fact that you will be KOd please inform your ride that they will have to do more than just drop you off at your house. You will need meds and food. So if it’s not family then it should be someone you trust to give your pin number too.
  4. ICE will be your biggest ally if you don’t want to look like a chipmunk with its mouth full of nuts 24/7
  5. If you like food it is best not to think about it really cause it is the most depressing feeling I have right now.

If you haven’t already assessed the condition of your wisdom teeth and your insurance checked out maybe you should.

Hopefully there is a video for you guys Wednesday but I could not do the ipsy bag since my face is still swollen.

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