October Favs & Shoutouts

This month due to me face trying to stay half a pie I did not get to do my halloween looks that I planned nor did I wear a lot of makeup. So instead I think I am gonna do my favorites like this from now on. I try to provide links and social medias where available.


  1. Wake n Slay Eyelashes “Chi” – I recently started working with this company and I decided to shout them out as my first October shout out. I got this pair of CHI lashes for free to try them out but I have already put an order in for all of them so I can do a review on them. GREAT news, if you click the link provided and shop use COUPON CODE “iheartbri” for 25%. I hope you enjoy the savings like I am.
  2. Artwork by Thomas “Markers” Higgins – This mother nature picture gives me so much life. I love love love love it. I bought some others ones as well but if you are interested in seeing what he does click the link to his site or check out his IG @highoffmarkers
  3. Lightweight Exaggerated Retro Silhouette Summer Love Shades – If you remember my Shades for $5 video then you will remember these babies. I love them, rocked them often.
  4. Colourpop Matte Lippie in Dukes – You guys already know my love and obsession with Colourpop and in fact I debuted this lip in my Colourpop Fall 2k16 swatches. It is  a great matte blackberry color.
  5. Black Up Perfect Nude Lip Balm Baume 3 – I finally found a Sephora that had Black Up and needless to say I was happy to see their nudes were ACTUALLY nudes I could consider and they had a range. I love BROWN nudes way more than pink and mauve so of course I feel in love with this immediately.
  6. Kye Organic Teahouse “Sweet Dreams” – I met this lovely lady during an art show I attended in Atlanta thanks to my bestie raving about them. You can order in tea bags or not and then the come in so many flavors. I bought Sweet Dreams and Kye’s Ginger Lemonade. I warn you don’t drink Sweet Dreams unless that is what you plan on doing soon after drinking it. You can check them out at @kyeteahouse as well.
  7. OPI Nail Color ” Yank My Doodle” – At first I bought this color thinking it would be a Rust orange kind of color but once I put it on i realized it is not as orange as I thought but I am in love with the color it is. It is perfect for my skintone and I just keep reapplying it every week. It is described as a “Tawny Copper”…whatever that means.
  8. Black Up Sublime Powder 04 – I have found a highlighter that gives me a brown natural glow and it SOOOO PRETTY. you will probably see this in rotation a lot.

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