Model Model Extreme Side L Part Wig Atlas |First Impression


After posting What are you wearing – Episode 1, the first and most asked question I got was about my hair and I am here to show you guys. (Please go check it out) So here are the details and my first impression thoughts: (also I should note this review was done after wearing the wig for a week.

Brand: Model Model

Wig Type: Human Hair Blend

Color: 2

Name: Extreme Side L Part Wig Atlas

Price $23 (on Ebonyline)

Initial Thoughts 

When I first saw this wig I was very worried about it looking like the wig shown in the photos and I even went to check it out in a store and I was also very hesitant. HOWEVER I think it looks very good on me. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and lot of people have been assuming this is my hair. The wig does not come with any lace or anything which is a plus. I did have to tweeze out the the part a little bit to help it looks more natural. I think the best way to prep your hair for this wig to wear cornrows because two strand twist, depending on the length of your hair, will make your wig look like it is enlarged.

After wearing it for a week, the part of the hair that touches my neck does tend to get a little matte. The detangling process is a little annoying so keep that in mind. You can split the curls if you want but I like how awesome the curls look and have just been letting them do whatever. I find myself putting my hands through my hair often anyways so its ok in my opinion. I give this wig two thumbs up and I am ordering another one.

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