What are you Wearing|Isopropyl Myristate




Isopropyl Alcohol + Myristic Acid


Functions as a binder, fragrance ingredient, skin conditioning agent (emollient)

As an emollient it helps strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier by reducing the moisture loss to help with hydration. Isopropyl myristate can also be used to thicken the formulas to give them a denser texture  in creams and deodarants.

Thickens formula for denser application and smoother applications

Believed to have strong penetrating properties


Can be found in deodorants, body lotions, conditioners, sunscreens and even foot moisturizers.


Can prevent sebum from exiting and lead to breakouts (Blackheads/Acne)

Can cause skin irritation due to the ability to increase skin penetration by other chemicals especially when the other ingredients are known ingredient.


1-Methyethyl Ester Tetradecanoic Acid

1-Methyelthyl Tetradecanoate

Isopropyl Ester Myristic Acid

Isopropyl Tetradecanoate

Myristic Acid

Isopropyl Ester

Tetradecanoic Acid

1- Methylethyl ester

Tetradecanoic Acid

1-Methylethyl ester

1-Tridecanecarboxylic Acid

Isopropyl Ester


(I will happily check more if you want)

Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer Normal to Dry

Ambi Fade Cream for Oily Skin

Bio Oil Skin Care Oil

Clearasil Daily Face Wash

Covergirl Professional Loose Powder

Covergirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Compact Foundation

Exuviance  Essential Defense Creams

L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation

LORAC POREfection Foundatio

Mario Badescu Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15

Neutrogena Visibly Even Foaming Cleanser

Noxzema Triple Clean Antibiotic

Queen Helene Soothing Cocoa Butter Natural Face Scrub

Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream for Oily Skin


(That I will post at the end of every blog and in the description box of every video)

  1. This is just information that I have found myself while researching and therefore it is not my own information. I will leave links to all the original files and even other bloggers who dove into this before me. I am not an expert but I want to share what I have found.
  2. At no point during this series should you take the information given as the GOLDEN STANDARD. Listen to your own body and do what is working best for you. So if you find out a product has a chemical that does not work for me and your skin is fine…KEEP IT
  3. Always feel free to do your own research and come to your own conclusions
  4. A dermatologist is a great source of information


Beautiful with Brains Blog

EWG Cosmetics Database

The Dermatology Review

Truth in Aging

Paula’s Choice Skincare

NIH Chemical Database

Making Cosmetics

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