November 2016 Favorites

Hey Loves,

I hope everyone has had an awesome holiday! December is finally here and I am ready for the cold weather and vacation time away from the job. However there were some things worth mentioning this month that I want to bring your attention:

– –Beauty Blender – –

Sad to say that I bought my first 2 real beauty blenders (I have been using the Real Techniques sponges) and I am SOOO mad! Why is it so soft? Why is it so beautiful and even more importantly WHY IS IT $20! I want them all and lord my pockets are not happy with me. Can someone please give me a better dupe that comes with the amazing softness of this blender.

– –ABH Liquid Lipstick “Trust Issues” – –

I tried to avoid this brand but this color (dusty aubergine) is so amazing that I could not say no to this. IT IS SOOO PRETTY and I must say that I get why people love this brand of lipstick and I will probably be buying another if I am just honest with myself.

– –The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness– –

 by Michelle Alexander – in my quest for knowledge and understanding of my culture and the world that I am apart of it has become apparent for me to read more. I suggest you guys check this out as well.

– –Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner – –

When I first started transitioning this was one of the conditioners I would use to cowash and for the life of me I cannot remember why I stopped using it. It gives my hair so much slip that it is like my detangling comb slides right through my hair effortlessly. Great slip and cheap so I am glad I got better.

– –Black America Again – Common – –

THIS ALBUM IS EVERYTHING!! Black America Again and Love Star are my two favorites but I can listen to the the entire album all the way through.

– –A Seat At the Table – Solange

This is still a great album to me and it has a such a vibe that I have been finding to be relaxing. I am really debating add the vinyl player just to pre-order this from Urban Outfitters.

– –Sephora Lip Mask – Shea: Protecting & Repairing – –

I was talking to one of the employees in Sephora and the conversation of mask came up and he introduced me with this. I was hesitant at first but I found it extremely moisturizing and something different.

– -Insecure Spotify Playlist and Episode Recap Podcast – –

I already love Fran (Friendzone) and Crissle (The Read) so for them to come together and talk about a Show I love and have extreme feelings for was just perfect. Not to mention, the music from this show have been so amazing that Spotify did the best they could and give me everything with the ratchet and the class. Check it out

–Overwatch —

If you play video games and you don’t know what this is please join the club.






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