What are you wearing? | Salicylic Acid

What is it?

Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxy acid that occurs as a natural compound in plants. It is considered to be an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial agent which promotes exfoliation. It is a colorless crystalline organic acid and the FDA has recognized salicylic acid as an acne treating ingredient.


What does it do?

Salicylic acid can help treat viral warts, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis (affects the face and skin; think more about dandruff), chronic atopic dermatitis (atopic eczema), lichen simplex (lichenified eczema/dermatitis), ichthyosis (dry, thickened, “fish scale” skin [corns])


What products is it in?

Moisturizer, face cream, shampoo/conditioner, anti-aging treatments, hair dye, sunscreen, cleanser and lipstick


Side Effects

I just want to preface this by saying I have found some conflicting arguments for what the side effects are using Cetyl alcohol. There are some sources that say fatty alcohols are moisturizing and good for the skin but at the same time the exposing arguments say that dermatologist do not fully support it. If you have sensitive/irritated skin you should avoid it just because of what alcohol does to your skin.

Products with a high concentration of alcohols has the ability to altercate the lipid bilayer of the epidermis which is known to be the protective barrier. This is also why you probably know some oily skin beauties who use alcohol based toners because it will give you that immediate matte look. HOWEVER stripping your skin of all of its oil will just make your skin produce oil in hyperdrive trying to compensate for everything that it has lost. This could cause enlarged pores and increased bumps.


Other Names






Hexadecyl alcohol

Palmityl alcohol


Products You Can Find It In

Cetaphil Products

Jergens Products



(That I will post at the end of every blog and in the description box of every video)

  1. This is just information that I have found myself while researching and therefore it is not my own information. I will leave links to all the original files and even other bloggers who dove into this before me. I am not an expert but I want to share what I have found.
  2. At no point during this series should you take the information given as the GOLDEN STANDARD. Listen to your own body and do what is working best for you. So if you find out a product has a chemical that does not work for me and your skin is fine…KEEP IT
  3. Always feel free to do your own research and come to your own conclusions
  4. A dermatologist is a great source of information




Seborrheic Dematitis

Chronic Atopic Dermatitis

Lichen Simplex


Paula’s Choice







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