Review| Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette

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I will just state that due to the weather over the weekend I lost power and so I miss the time to record a video to accompany this video however I will post the video for this video on Monday. If you remember I had so much fun when I reviewed the Masquerade Palette and had mixed emotions about further spending coins with Juvia’s Place due to the massive accusations that were being made about that company. As a black owned company I wanted to see her supporting black influencers and because of the amazing makeup community I am apart of I have bitten the bullet and bought this palette.

Here are the stats:

Where to buy: Juvia’s Online Shop

How Much: $28

12 Colors (4 Matte)


Cruelty Free BUT NOT VEGAN


As usual the palettes from Juvia’s Place has some of the best pigmentation when it comes to all shades and shimmers. They are consistently reached for in my collection and I really cannot say anything bad about the color selection. I can say I am waiting for a palette of mattes. I feel like my life would be made 100%. I do love how all the shades are very flattering. (My video will determine if Chad is a true black or not) I will also say because I waited for the relaunch of the palette, the shipping was a week and it was a much easier process. I did not have to interact with costumer service so I cannot comment.


Unlike the Masquerade Palette and the Nubian 2 palette this palette is really small. It can actually fit in the palm of my hand and it is only $4 cheaper than the masquerade palette for maybe half the product. Great for travel purposes but I feel like the palette price difference should have been more since I expect more from their palette. Or give the travel option like the masquerade palette. To some who matter this palette is not vegan.


As usual you guys already know I am looking at the ingredients but due to my “Sulfates” series I am working on I will have to tackle Eyeshadow ingredients on a later date.

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