Single Girl Survival Guide| Budgeting

Hey Loves,

I have not done this in a very long time and I feel that it is only right to start on something that has become a big thing in my life and that is trying to get my money right. By that statement I mean that I want a substantial savings account, start investing and making sure my retirement plan with my paycheck is updated accordingly.

We are a generation of living in the now and we do not plan for the future because we want to live for today AND I still believe there is nothing better than living how you want to. However we should probably address the fact that there will come a time when you need money unexpectedly and maybe you want to retire or even venture out into your own thing eventually. For this you will need cash…

I am by no means an expert in fact I actually write my budget in my calendar planner on a  paycheck by paycheck basis so that I can force myself to be accountable with my money. Since starting this blog I have had to invest in some things that did require me to save and to practice some kind of discipline. So here are 5 tips that I am currently either already using or getting ready to use to better my money game:

  1. Write it out: Plan your bills ahead of time so you know which ones are automatic transfers, needs a check, etc. In general this gives you a better understanding of how much spending and savings you can afford.
  2. Treat your savings account like a bill: For me when I lay out my bills I include savings because I set a goal of how much I want to save each month. So when I go online to pay a credit card or a utility bill, I also transfer some money to my savings account.
  3. Have separate accounts: I can honestly say having my savings account separate from the account my paycheck actually drops into has helped me a lot. I pretty much do not see my savings account unless I am actively making sure the transfer went through.
  4. Consult an accountant or a broker: There is no reason you cannot learn about money and investing from people who are actually trained in just that. Just do your research on your own as well. I never suggest taking anyone’s word for face value. These could also be ways for you to grow your money and in fact hire someone. (I am working to this point)
  5. Strive to pay off big bills so you can be more liberal with your budget so if that means you have to stay home a couple months then do it. It will be completely worth it.

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