My Experience

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Hey Loves,

I wanted to do something that I see a lot of big youtubers and that is talk about a website. Today I will be sharing my experience with Which surprisingly was not that bad. Usually when you see the big youtubers talk about a online store the clothes never look as good as the ones that were sent to them. (Am I right?)

I love to state the obvious but for transparency, I bought all of the products myself. I ordered from boohoo twice and both experiences were different. In January it pretty much took the entire month to get my order. I ordered again in February and it took a week. Oddly enough the only difference between the orders was the SMELL. Yes, the smell. The first order smelled absolutely TERRIBLE. The best way I can describe it is by comparing that smell to that of the really bad odor in some of the beauty supply stores that I refuse to go in.

The clothes themselves were fine. Please watch the above video for all of my thoughts. I did however leave the links to everything that is still available on boohoo that I talked about. Also Boohoo has a lot of good sales so unless its for an event I suggest you wait for one of those sales and make your money go a little further.

Plus Suzie Basic V Neck Swing Dress

Plus Paige PU Sleeve Jersey Duster Jacket

Plus Emma Choker Detail Drape Sleeve Midi Dress

Plus Eva Oversized Shirt

Plus Rae Pocket Front Jersey Maxi Dress 

Plus Jenna Strappy Neck Midi Dress

Plus Elizabeth Double Layer Midi Dress

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