Review| Ardell Faux Mink Lashes (811)

Hey Loves,

While I was in Ulta (when I should not have been there for course) and I came across the BOGO 50% for the Ardell lashes. My favorite lashes of all time are the 411 Curvy and the Wispies but you guys I think I found another one to be in love with. The new Ardell Faux Mink lashes and more specifically the 811 (see the relation to my favorites)


I bought them from Ulta for $5.99. Their biggest claims are that these lashes are lightweight and they have a “invisiband”. Since I am not used to wearing lashes I always feel my lashes especially when I am sleepy. I can see that they look gorgeous on me. However because it is an “invisiband” (which basically means clear) I recommend using a black lash glue because otherwise you will have to put black liner over it like I did and it could look like this:


I will say that I did not take my time putting on the lashes when I tested them because I was running late and that is why they are a little uneven. These are also the first pair of lashes that were long enough to go from one end of my big eyes to the other and that made them even better in my book. Actually not that I think about it, Ardell is really good with making their lash bands long enough to cater to us big eyes. There is a clear band with no lash on both ends which I just made sure dried directly onto my liner so it looked seamless. Using liquid liner was also better than my pencil liner that I normally use.


Even though I used clear lash glue, I think the look came out pretty awesome. Have you guys tried these out yet? What do you think?

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