Review| Model Model Premium Wig Leola

Leola Wig Review
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Brand: Model Model

Type: Premium Synthetic Wig

Color: 1B

Heat up to 400 F ( I did not test this out)

Current Price: 15.19 (58% off Ebonyline)

My Initial Thoughts:

The wig started off extremely flat and as lifeless as the picture shown on the box. The only reason this did not sway my decision on buying it was because I saw the wig on a mannequin head and knew I had to at least try it. My original thought on my head was that I should probably cut a couple pieces in the front to give it a better shape for my face but as the week went on I was satisfied that I did not do this. The immediately started growing in size (well with the help of the wind trying to take it off my head as many times as it could get. WHICH REMINDS ME this wig has 0 combs so make sure you bobby pin it to secure it in place otherwise the wind probably could snatch your wig off.

My Final Thoughts:

After rocking this wig for 3 weeks I am retiring this one back to the bag as a potential for a halloween look this year. I will not be repurchasing just because it got to be unmanagable very quickly and the matting was out of control. It started to look like a old twist out that needed a wash too fast for my liking and though the initial look is fantastic I just think I would have to buy it too quickly to get my money worth. (unless I keep cutting the matte parts away)

What are you favorite wigs? or hairstyles?

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