Hey Girl?! What Happened to Fitness?

Hey Loves,

So it has been 3 years for my blog and my youtube channel and I am still very happy doing this. HOWEVER, for those of you who have been here since the beginning then you know that originally I started my platform to journal my weightloss and assumed by now I would be feeling great, Gucci and awesomeness. Around last year this time was probably my last fitness video and I have no excuses other than I have not been consistent and I have let life run me to the ground.

Lately when I record videos all I can see if my super round face and my “adorable” double chin. At this point I do not even know if it is real or if I have personified the “issues” more. I have also been watching a lot of youtube videos that I figured I would make and I was searching for something. All of the times I have tried to lose weight and all the times I did not has just made me do the reflection.

The most honest thing I can say is that I do better when I have someone to report to other than myself. Obviously some people are not going to like that but it is the honest truth. I am not the person who can stay dedicated in the nature and I want to get it together. So I am trying to figure out a way to handle this. I will be testing something out for May but it will only be for the last 2 weeks of May. I also have the fitness journal and SNAPCHAT is my daily reminder. Pretty much if I don’t post about it I am not happy about it and I need to keep the journey going despite all of the bad moments.

Plus living in a hotel for more than a week SUCKS and I am honestly ready to be back in my house. Either way I am saying, it is coming back and I am tired of it. I will be trying a couple different ways to experiment about how I “journal” the info.

What have you guys done to lose weight?

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