Hair|Outre Synthetic Lace Front Wig – 4c Coily


In an effort to find a wig like the Fingercomber wig but with better customer service I have stumbled across the Outre line and I was definitely intrigued. So much so that I bought the 4a-Kinky and the 4c-Coily. This however is about the 4c.

For the best description of how it looks coming out of the box please click the picture above for the video. It comes completely shrunken and the best way to “fluff” is to pull and tug a little on the hair. The picture on the website looks very misleading as compared to the wig I actually received. It is definitely not that big (yet).

Here are my wig stats:

I bought it from: Sam’s Beauty (CLICK HERE FOR WIG)

Price: $25.99

Color: DR2730

Type: Synthetic, Lace Front

No Part

Can apply heat (but why would you)

After wearing the wig for a week straight the size of the wig did not change which says to me that it may last me for a while. The only reason why I am not wearing it right now is that I want to twist to let my scalp breathe. For now I can say that I really like the wig and the color, though it looks great on my skin tone it is taking some adjustment. If I choose to buy this wig again I will probably go back to 1b.

FullSizeRender 5

What do you guys think?

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