June 2016 Ipsy Bag + Thoughts About Ipsy

June Ipsy Bag Final Thought

Hey Loves,

My year of Ipsy has come to an end and needless to say it has been a little lackluster for me. I admit in the beginning of my 1 year subscription I was extremely excited to get my bag and I was liking what I was getting. However as the year progress I grew extremely bored with the color selection I was given as well as the products. When I did the survey I said that I was a makeup lover who had no problem trying new things plus on the items I would like to receive I clicked on everything except fragrance.

I have so many different waterproof eyeliners that I feel like it was a cop out because they didn’t have anything for my dark skin tone. Plus every month I would see the things available for the bags and yet I kept getting waterproof eyeliner and primers. Plus I feel like because I love NYX I made sure to rate it low so that I would not keep getting it in my bag. I did this because all the NYX products that I got were old and I already owned them. However this did not stop NYX from being in my bags. I believe the super popular brands should not be the most in the Ipsy bag.

Also I received a couple (4) nail polishes and every one of them were ugly colors for my skintone. They were ashy colors or really bright colors. I would have been liked to be given options. I also did not like that the only lip colors I was given was red and mauves that were too ashy for any black woman to wear without having to finesse it. ( I am tired of always having to finesse)

I can say that I was given 46 brands throughout the year and that was great because I was introduced to 33 of these brands through Ipsy. I am actually very obsessed with some of them like Luxie Beauty and Delectable hand creams.

So my final thought is that I did not continue another year with Ipsy. I want a subscription that caters to my hair and my skin and not just keep me at red and mauve.

Have you tried Ipsy?


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