The Apps I Currently Used to Try To Adult

Hey Loves,

I can definitely say that adulting, sometimes, sucks. To say that I need help is probably an understatement but my assumption is that if I need help and I sorta kinda have control then I might as well share with you guys. This is also to say that I looking for more things that can help me adult and if you guys have any more apps that I do not mention PLEASE comment below and help me:


Every DollarEvery Dollar
I was put on to this app from my friends and it has become my favorite money app. Not only does it allow you to make your budget but it lets you input your actual expenses into specific categories and then tell you how much money you have left within your budget in that category.

If you guys love Target (which who doesn’t) then I am sure you are already on this app. This app has coupons that will technically enable your “why did I spend so much money at target” BUT just like the credit card, at least you saved a little on what you did spend right?

So in the world where you share and break bills when you go out with friends, if you are ever in a predicament where the restuarant (or anything else) won’t break the bill this is where venmo is awesome. Once linked to your card you can transfer money to your friend immediately with no fee and no drama. It helps with taxis and everything else. My friends and I used this and since it is small amounts it does not require a fee to transfer it to my bank.

I should start by saying I have really gotten a hold on my starbucks addiction. Now it is a weekend treat BUT for those of us who feel like starbucks in like breakfast I suggest using this app with Everydollar. Set yourself a starbucks budget and then transfer that monthly budget to your digital starbucks card. That way you see how much you have left and it helps (I would hope) for you to ration your starbucks and start brewing at home.

End of 2016 and 2017 thus far has been an absolute CRAP SHOW. I personally do not have the time for traditional ideas for therapy and this is why I stand for talkspace. It has really been helping me get my life together. I enjoy the fact that I do not have to set an appointment and I like the fact that I have access to my therapist 24/7. There are different packages but SAVE30 is a code if you are serious.

GEICOGeico (Auto Insurance)
In a world where it has been made clear that following the rules involving traffic stops can get you skilled as a black person (RIP PHILANDO CASTILLE) I try to make sure I have all my documents and stuff in my glove compartment. They are actually stapled together so there is no confusion. However I also keep my insurance card readily available on my phone and Geico has made that possible for me. In Texas they want to see your name on the insurance card front and center with no complication. Protect yourself (I will save this for my next Soap Box Rant)

Traveling is actually a hobby for me. I use a lot of websites when I shop for flights but hopper is the app I use on my phone. It helps me track flights for various trips all at the same time and updates me if there is a random price drop. I can go on about this in a separate post if you guys want.

As I stated I am a travel junkie professionally and personally and for that I have points with everyone. I am apart of every rewards program (Marriott, Hilton, United, Southwest) and this is beneficial also in that you can check in faster through the app. The bonus for the hotel app is that you can check in and text the front desk through the app to schedule airport pick ups and everything.

Holy BibleHoly Bible
This is apart of my morning routine and luckily it gives me plans to follow including 365 day plans. I feel like it is pretty self explanatory. It gives devotionals and scriptures.



verizonMobile Device App
Again another app that I use to pay bills and just keep track of things. BEFORE I got unlimited data (PRAISE GOD) I also used the app to track my data to make sure I could avoid overages. But again when I sit down to pay bills I also use apps and just check it off my calender. (One day I will have a write up about how I use my planner and stuff)

These are my top 10 “adulting” apps. What are the apps you use to function?

Honorable Mentions:

Banking Apps

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