Review|| Fem Rose Karrueche x Colourpop Collab

FEM Rose Full Collection

I have not been keeping Colourpop on my radar because they have not been releasing anything that is capturing my attention. However another Karrueche collab and yet again it is actually pretty. The collection came with an eyeshadow palette, face palette and 3 lipsticks.

The lipsticks came with 2 satin lipsticks and 1 glossy lipstick

Fem Rosa Lipstick Swatches
(Top to Bottom) Darling, Mrs., Contessa (Click Photo to go to site)

Darling: Ultra Satin; Deep Plum

Mrs: Ultra Satin; Deepened Coral

Contessa: Ultra Glossy; Warm Gold sprinkled with pink and gold glitter (Sheer Finish)

Also I should note that colourpop made it a point to say that you could mix any combo of these colors and get amazing colors. If you guys want to see the combos let me know and I will swatch them for you.

Fem Rose Face Palette
Click Here to Buy Palette

Now I will say out of all the the parts of the collection, this is the one I did not care for and the only reason I bought it was because I bought the entire collection. This is a fail for me because it was a very generic palette that throws a “bronzer” that is a dusty skintone color for anyone with a brown tint to their skin. Me personally I need for companies to not make face palettes like this unless they are making them for various skintones.


Fem Rose Face Palette SwatchesThe highlighter is named Lassie and it is labeled as a true gold and it is pearlized. As usual I never have problems with gold highlighters because they always look good on my skin. The blush is named Mistress and it is a very PINK highlighter. As you can see from the swatch I would recommend going very light if you have deeper skintones. NOW on to this “bronzer”, Dame is just a dirty skintone color. I will be using this for an eyeshadow because it will be bronzing nothing on my skin.

Fem Rosa Eyeshadow Swatches
Click here to buy

The entire reason for buying this collection is that I have wanted to try colourpop eyeshadows since they came out but I have been waiting for a palette that I like. I think this is the perfect blend for a softer eyeshadow palette. I would tell you that true to their eyeshadows they are buttery and smooth. I did have to swatch the matte shades a little more than the metallic but I like the color payoff.

Fem Rosa Swatch Names


Thankfully since I am visiting my family I had the liberty of swatching my sister so I included the names of each of the colors so if you decide to buy you can see which color gives you what.

Overall my opinion of the collection is ok. I like the soft rose and mauve them of the collection and these are colors I would actually gravitate towards.

What do you guys think of the collection? Did you buy it?

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