Review|| Brown Sugar Box

Brown Sugar Box

Hey Loves

The time has come to try another subscription box and this time I have decided to #supportasista and try the Brown Sugar Box from Izzy & Liv (Click the picture above to be directed to the site to read more about it)

Brown Sugar Box Contents
How the box arrived (minus the paper)

The information that I know so far is that around 15th of every month I should be receiving a box with full size items from different vendors (I am assuming black ownned which is a plus) for $39.95 a month. Yes the price point for me a little steep but I am trying to rationalize that I am doing a test run. Since I have been paying attention to this site their boxes have a waiting list which to me meant that this was something I should check out. Once you get your first box your payment will auto renew for the next box and they leave the option to cancel at any time as well.

I had a little difficulty when it came to the shipping on this box and was not because of anything on the USPS but it had to do with one of the vendors that was supposed to be in this box. The owner of the brown sugar box included a letter explaining what happened and why it happened but she did include a $5 off “i apologize” code. I am not holding that against her as I really liked what was in my box:




Beach Blanket

At first glance of this I definitely assumed it was a giant table cloth of some sort and from that moment I was not really into it. However upon reading the cute little magazine that was included in my box I learned it is actually a circular blanket for the beach. Me personally it has become a throw on my couch that I have in my blanket rotation while I am catching up on my shows.






The part of the box that was missing was actually a book and therefore I am assuming the bookmark was for that HOWEVER I think this bookmark is sooo adorable. It is a flimsy cardboard bookmark though so I recommend lamenting it. (luckily a coworker has her own personal machine so this was super quick for me)



Key Necklace


The next is this 16″ zinc alloy necklace. It fits very snug around my neck (see video). The message behind this necklace is the reason that I am willing to give a chance.





Melanin Sticker


I do not feel like I have to give any time of details on this cute litter sticker other than it is going on the cover of my business bullet journal when it arrives from amazon. (Thinking about adding an entire section to my bullet journal on my blog, thoughts?)





One of my reasons for going with the box was the fact that I would be getting some type of melanin love tshirt in my boxes. (View video to see me try it on) I love this tank even though 2x is too big for me but it makes a cute around the house tee.



Tribal Bag


Last but certainly not least is this cute tribal drawstring bag. As a festival goer this would be perfect AND don’t worry it is not that flimsy mess you get from job fairs either. This bag has a very thick fabric and sturdy straps.



So this month because the July Box was so late you will more than likely also see August box as well. I am loving the variety and how I can use everything that came in this box. I am excited to be #supportasista with this choice.

What subscription boxes to do you use?

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