Single Girl Survival Guide: Gym Rat Habit

Hey Loves,

This month I have started keeping a separate bullet journal for my fitness and meal planning which I plan to show you guys next month. In honor of all this fun stuff I decided to really bring back my Single Girl Survival Guide and today it is on establishing a fitness habit. This is something that has proven to be something that takes the back seat when life has happened or gone sidetrack. I have been determine to keep my fitness goals a priority even when I feel overwhelmed especially since I genuinely feel good after I work out and it has definitely helped my moods and productivity.

  1. Before you start set 2 types of goals. The big one of course is your goal weight or goal dress size and then pick a REALISTIC goal weekly weight drop.
  2. Set rewards for yourself that match the achievement. For example if you lose 5 lbs treat yourself to something under $30 as in the scheme of your end goal it is small (yet awesome) accomplishment. It seems unbalanced if you drop 5 lbs and then go on a $200 shopping spree. Make yourself work for it.
  3. I used Massy Arias calculator to determine my macros and to be honest I have not quite mastered this but it is definitely interesting. The macro calculator will tell you your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and then tell you how many calories you need to eat. This is an area I personally am still working on because sometimes it honestly feels like too much food. CLICK to determine yours.
  4. Tell someone about your workouts, post online do whatever you need to do to have consistency
  5. When I had no idea what I wanted to do I knew that I needed cardio in my life and HIIT was one of those options. I also looked at the classes given at my gym. Spin, Body Combat, Zumba, Boot Camp are some of my favorite classes
  6. Use those classes for days where you need to be pushed or maybe forces you to go to the gym
  7. HIIT is still the most effective workout to lose fat and burn the most calories. Pinterest has helped me finding work outs. Massy Arias site has some good 30 day programs you can join as well that have AMAZING intense but doable workouts. I am actually repeating one of the 30 day programs I bought last year starting in September.
  8. Early morning workouts have proven to be the best option for me. They give me those happy hormones and I genuinely feel great when I am driving to work after. (Gym Shower situation is coming on a blog)
  9. Create playlist depending on your workout schedule
  10. Write everything down, plan ahead and hold yourself accountable. Also remember as a human being it may not be perfect but you can always tweak as you go. That is what I am doing.

Tool Box:


Wireless Headphones

Lunch Box

Workout/Accountability Partner

Workout Apps

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