Single Girl Survival Guide |College Freshman

Hey Loves,

Last year in honor of school picking back up I did a Single Girl Survival Guide for living in a dorm. This year I want to continue that post by discussing the things that I found to be essential just from everyday experiences living and walking around campus. My freshman year I stay on the musical side of my campus. I stayed in a music dorm which was great for when they had to practice but terrible for me on an everyday basis as I was a Science/Engineering major. This meant everyday I was walking at least 2 miles a day. These are the things that seem common sense until you forget to get them and you end up on the struggle bus trying to manage:

Rain Boots/Poncho : My first day of classes I was walking to my class and the floodgates of heaven opened and drenched my light blue shirt and my khaki jeans. Needless to say I was completely see through and thanking God that I had on black (and matching) undies. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON! Target and Dillards both have very cute rain boots and Dillards love to have that shoe sale every season so invest in a pair and put your cute shoes in your bag. I got my poncho off amazon and it came with a little pouch that I also carried everyday.

Planner/Bullet Journal: I do not think I stress enough how much I have benefitted from being more organized. Sticky notes, pens and my bullet journal are my Core items. However, when I was in college I used a planner and essentially treated it like a bullet journal (I did not know that at the time). Each class was a different color and organized by due date. I kept active password logs and contact information for anyone I had to work with. I also used my planner to keep track of office hours and the bus schedule. See everything you had to do for the week can start off overwhelming but it also gave me a place to start.

Alarm Clock: I had one of those annoying alarm clocks that I purposedly put on my desk as opposed to my dresser. My desk was at the foot of my bed and therefore I would have to get all the way  out of the bed to turn it off. Much better than the phone because hitting snooze over and over especially when you have roommates IS SOOO RUDE. One alarm is bad enough.

Shower Shoes: I was fortunate enough to only share a bathroom with 3 other ladies (most of them were also clean freaks) but there are plenty of dorms that have the community shower (ICK) for this I recommend a good pair of shower shoes. You can use regular flip flops if you want but you want to make sure they completely dry so that you are not stepping onto bacteria everyday.

Shower Caddy/Shower Hooks: If you end up having a community shower I know that some of my friends bought their own shower hooks that they suction to their shower and hang all of their belongings. Me personally in my shower caddy was my soaps and things  (of course) but I also had a bottle of bleach or cleaner and a sponge. I washed the shower before and after I finished using it. Hygiene matters and nobody wants staff infection.

Long Bike Lock/Seat Lock: I had a bike the first semester but someone robbed me of my tire and my bike seat (Yes it happens) and I never got it replaced. DO NOT be me and just go ahead and get a lock that you can wrap through your tires and your bike chain.

Umbrella: If you think you are too boss for the poncho then a decent size umbrella will also help. Those little small cheap ones will get destroyed so just go ahead and invest the money in a good one.

Travel Mug: Weather it had my green tea or just some juice I alway had some container with me. You do not want to keep spending money on water bottles or juice when you have plenty of water fountains.

Safe Place for Student ID: I kept all of my identification on a lanyard that I wore everyday. This had my key, my ID and other important information. My student ID was also my meal card so I made sure that it stayed with me everywhere.

Walking shoes: Yes those pumps are cute and those flat sandals are perfect for a summer day but if you are walking back and forth on campus the only thing you are going to have is sore feet and aching ankles. Do your future self a favor and take care of you feet with the proper footwear.


Bookbag with Lumbar Support

Sticky Notes

Bus schedule

Campus Map

Pens (I have a favorite pens video/blog coming)


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