My Bullet Journal Essentials

Hey Loves,

I would not call myself a bullet journal expert but I can definitely assume that some things are quite normal and essentials. These are the things that I am currently using and I find myself reaching for multiple times:

  1. Homecube Pencil Case : Essential in storage of the massive amount of pens you will have plus it forces you to not carry your entire collection. I think it is just the right size and plus it has pockets for other things. (Amazon)
  2. Clear Ruler: From what I have noticed a lot of people love the rubber ruler but for me this ruler works just as well and it fits into my homecube. (Amazon)
  3. Black Pens: I was originally using the sharpie pens put I have a lot of issues with bleeding. I think switched to the my triplus black pens and I like them. I switched to the tombow drawing pen set because they gave me 3 different pen sizes. The tip seems to be lasting a little bit longer than the triplus as well. (Tombow)
  4. Post It Notes: I use these a lot in my blog bullet journal and I also add little notes to myself for if I want to change a layout or if something pops up and I havent had time to add to my book. I usually do a major stock pile during back to school time frame and I am normally good for the year.
  5. Color Pens/Pencils: I use the triplus fineliners (Amazon), Tombow dual brush pens (Amazon) and colored pencils for my bujo. It really just depends on what I am doing. I will say I love the dual brush pens because they are also great highlighters. I am still working on my brush lettering with them as that is proving to be a much harder test than I imagined. I wish I knew which store locally sold them but for now I just want for a coupon deal on their website and then I buy some.

What are some of your stationary essentials?

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