Fall Trend 2017|Power Red Statements 



Click Here for Bag (Not an Affiliate Link)


As Fall is my favorite time of year, I also enjoy looking at the fashion trends for the season. The trend I am most excited about this year is the POWER RED. As I have not been shopping in a while I decided I deserve some RED pieces in my life. The first addition to my life is this awesome bag I found from target. It reminds me of those beautiful Chanel handbags. Just you know instead of the $5000 price tag I paid $29.99.

I also like the simplicity of this bag and I feel that it can be matched with a lot of different things. My fall wardrobe always falls into the neutral color scheme with pops of fall colors. Khaki Green and Rust Orange are still my first go to colors but I do enjoy cranberries. Hopefully I can find some booties to really get this POWER red going in my life.

However I have some simple looks for this bag. Simple black and white combos but I have been looking at runways and looking at the other trends to see if I can mix them.

How are you incorporating your fall trends or do you not care at all?


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