Single Girl Survival Guide | Winter Skincare Tips

My favorite time of the year is here which also means that is time to make a quick adjustment in how I handle my hair and how I take care of my skin. Over the years I have found certain things really help during this half of the year and I have decided to share them with you all. Granted I feel the need to state for those who do not know my Single Girl Survival Guides are based off of living alone  and not necessarily focusing on relationship status. These are just the way I have decided to share things that I feel are extremely helpful to just living overall.

Moisturize immediately after shower

Since the colder and dryer air has the potential to really dry your skin out it is important to moisturize your skin. The best method is to moisturize your skin right after the shower. Your pores are still open and it helps seal in moisture to your skin. During the colder months I love using Shea butter and my current favorite is Heritage1988 and I am waiting for them to restock their mango butter so that I can try that.

Sole Love 

During the summer I am much more likely to keep up a pedicure routine as my feet will be in sandals most of the time. During boot season it is even more important to show your feet some love to prevent cracking and painful foot situations. How do I tackle this? I use Soap & Glory and I put on socks. Sometimes I even put on these which I found to be quite moisturizing to my feet. I also like to use Sephora Lavendar foot masks from time to time.

Face Masks

If you follow me on snapchat then you know that FACE MASK Wednesdays is a real thing for me as I try to rock at least one every week. Some weeks I get the opportunity to wear more but in the Fall/Winter time I strong suggest some hydrating masks. (snapchat: iheartbrilove) I have tons of face mask and I will be making a list of hydrating masks.


Bomb twist outs and lower humidity is such a blessing however the dryer air gives me night nosebleeds. To prevent this I have a humidifier in my room to ensure that that does not happen. It has really helped plus I always feel that is better because skin likes moisture. (Black don’t crack until its dry)

Show Hands Tender Love

I will never stop emphasizing how important it is to keep yours hand moisturized and loved. Your hands are constantly being hit with environmental dangers (heat, cold, wind) and therefore deserve love. I still use this hand lotion because as I have been preaching all year it is the perfect cream for my hands.


I have an entire “what are you wearing” coming about how Serums are EVERTHING. They add that extra something to your skin before your moisturizer and there are so many to chose from you can always find the one that fits your needs. My current serums are Origins (Everyday) and Mario Badescu (Every other night).


I personally still exfoliate my skin but just not as often. I drop exfoliating my skin to just my self love night because my skin has a tendency to feel overly scrubbed and then I will itch because of the irritation. How often you exfoliate is truly dependent upon your own skin and how your skin reacts to the weather and dry air. If I do not use my DIY Coffee Scrub then I will reach for something simple such as Tree Hut Body Scrubs. I have exfoliating gloves that I have bought from Forever21 but I cannot find it online. I will be doing a skin care tools video where I should be able to find better alternatives then.


For some reason people will rock sunglasses and beanies in the winter time but not SPF and that is a huge NO. Your skin is still very susceptible to the sun’s rays even if its freezing cold outside. I recommend you get lotions that already have SPF in it so that it does not become a two step process. I am still on the search for a lotion that has SPF that does not make me look gray so I still use regular sunscreen I got from wal mart. One day I will find one that I can share with you guys.

Cracked Lips don’t get kissed

One of the worst blunders I see during this time of the year are lips who get no love. Cracked lips are painful. Chapped lips look disrespectful under lipstick so why not make sure you show them some daily love. I do weekly sugar scrubs on my lips and I follow through with my night lip oil. During the day I have still been using my chapstick with beewax and of course my Fenty Beauty lip gloss has yet to leave my side.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most overlooked yet simple skincare tips is to continue drinking water. I know with the colder weather you reach for warmer drinks ( I am an avid tea drinker) but you cannot forget your water.

What are you cold tips to protect and hydrate your skin?

Tool Kit: Click the links for my tool kit


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