Gift Ideas for the BUJO/Stationary Lovers

Hey Loves,

With the Holidays approaching I figured I would share my random wish lists with you that could also be used as ideas for a special someone, family, friend or even yourself. My favorite places to shop for stationary is usually Japanese shops online because let’s face it, they have some of the cutest and well thought out stuff. (How many Hibonochi Planner videos are on youtube right now?) I also have been recently loving GouletPens and JetPens but of course Amazon is also a good source for just about anything.


If you have someone that loves Bullet Journals you can never go wrong with getting them another Journal that they can continue their obsession in. My current BUJO is in a Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted Hard Cover Notebook and I have no decided whether or not to switch to another journal. I still have more than half of this journal left so I am not too worried right now. I bought my notebook off amazon. Here are some other notebooks that I know people love:

Scribbles that Matter

Rhodia Goalbook 

Midori Notebooks

Pencil/Pen Case

If you or anyone else you know is a stationary junkie then you know that finding a good place to store them all (especially if you dont have room for a desk) is ALWAYS a struggle. My current pen case is also my travel case and it is the HOMECUBE. However I have been searching high and wide for something that would carry my brush pens other than my cloth clutch. I have had my eye on this High Capacity Pen Case because according to the reviews it can hold my Tombows.

Traveler’s Notebook Covers (Chic Sparrow)

Even though I use a traditional bullet journal I actually keep it in a traveler’s notebook cover because I also use inserts for other things. However I have had my eye on this Odyssey Deluxe cover and BOY is it pricing and NEVER IN STOCK. So for this reason I have also been abusing the mess out of Etsy shoppes and I am thinking of buying another off Etsy. The current one that I own is from the Leather Quille Shoppe. Hopefully they start having sales because these leather covers are not cheap. I have not found vegan covers that are super pricey either so Good Luck.

Fountain Pens

I can honestly say that I have 1 fountain pen and I use it during the day but never in my journal because of the potential for bleed through. HOWEVER once you get a fountain pen it will be very hard to keep just 1. Goulet Pens has a very good Fountain Pen 101 series that gives you good categories such as Starter Pens and Intermediate Pens. My first starter pen is the Pilot Metropolitan with a Fine Nib but I have had my eye on the clear TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen with Fine Nib but I have not decided. I am making my decision based on the kinds of inks that the pens take. That is another think buying someone a pen and a ink in a not so traditional color would be a great surprise.

Brush Pens

This is a new obsession for me as I have been teaching myself how to write with them. I am currently collecting all of the TOMBOW Dual Brush pens because they also work well in my bullet journal and it prompts more creativity from me. You can buy from the TombowUSA, which is a great site but you can also search your local craft stores as you can use coupons and take advantage of sales. (And amazon)

Stationary Storage

Since I live in a one bedroom apartment the biggest struggles that I face involve storage and organization. I hate feeling like I live in clutter so I am constantly looking for ways to minimize that feeling. When I get an office space it will be a lot easier to store and organize how I want. However for the time being I am looking into getting cart such as this one from Target or Michael (wish they had other colors)


My obsession with pens run deep in my soul. I prefer pens with smaller points thus I usually have to shop for my pens online as most American stores I find 0.7mm is the common one. However thanks to Jet Pens I am able to find pens that cater to all of my needs. Gel pens and multi compartment pens.

What other ideas would you guys add to this list?


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