Single Girl Survival Guide | List for Household Items

Happy Wednesday Loves,

This guide is going to be a little different. This is something that I have recently started looking into and that is bullet journal list specifically for household things. This is something I have been thinking about because living alone brings two things to the forefront: YOU DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF and SOME ITEMS NEED TO BE REPLACED.

Recently I have had to replace light bulbs and you know the most annoying part about this? The fact that I could not see what kind of light bulb I had in there to replace it. And that is where the idea of a Item Household list comes into play. The ITEM household list is where I am keeping track of the types of light bulbs I use and anything else that will eventually require a replacement of some sort. I have also made it a point to include where I bought them from. (I have not perfected my lists pages yet so you will have to wait for another blog to showcase my list to you all)

Another list for Household is a Chore schedule. I am making a schedule for my Fall Cleaning and my Spring Cleaning that I do every year. I am also making a chores page similiar to Master Chore List from Pinterest. I know some people do not like chore lists but sometimes I like having a full list (that does not change) to make sure that I am addressing things that are not a regular chore (such as dusting floor boards).

Another list for Household is a list of your utilities providers. I personally do not write down my passwords in my bullet journal for security purposes (though if someone wants to pay my bills go right ahead) but you can use this for that kind of file system as well.

I do not keep these lists in my current bullet journal because they will probably not be changing. However I keep them in my “collections” insert. This is where I keep the things that do not change such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and now household lists.

How do you keep track of everything?

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