Hair Review| Brown Sugar Signature Part Full Wig BSS103 Royale


Hair Stats: 

From: Ebonyline (Scroll Down to see why this was my last time using them)

Price: $22.91

Color: 1B/Galaxy

Type: Human Hair Blend

Parting: Deep, Side

First let me just say that trying to get this particular wig was a different type of headache. Originally I made the choice for 1B/Galaxy and waited about a month before I realized I have never even got a tracking number. I had to email them where they claimed (of course not informing the customer) that they did not have this color available (why is it on the site) and that I should pick another color if I want it sent out sooner (remember it has already been a month). So then I pick 1B/denim and sure enough, it took another 3 weeks before I got a shipping number. To my surprise I have 1B/Galaxy which really makes me question the entire email correspondence between their customer service. For this reason I have switched to Sam’s Beauty and ebonyline can have their lies and then not my money.

Now about this hair….I love it. I think the color is fantastic and it is just enough color for me. I also like that the color is focused heavily in the front and that is still kind of has an ombre. This hair comes to my shoulders and it is full and lovely. In the video I did not have to cut or style this wig which is a great plus! I will say that the deep part is not entirely visible but because it is curly hair I did not really see that as an issue.

It has been my weekend wig for the past 2 months and I have not experienced any real tangling but unlike most curly wigs it is not growing massive by the day. I notice the big hair happens on when I try to fluff the hair out with my hands.


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