Gift Ideas for Makeup Junkies

Hey Loves,

As I have been thinking about this list it has been a little complicated. On one hand I could have just compiled a list of all the things I see other youtubers talk about but then I decided that these lists are compiled of things that I may actually want to have so therefore the lists can be short. Personally for me, though I love makeup, I still have certain brands and things that I just love and will always love as gifts. I usually do not get gifts of things I have never tried because trying to return things that someone else bought is always a hassle. For me here are some great quick ideas that would make any makeup junkie love you:

  1. Beauty Blenders (Black One)
  2. House of Lashes (Sephora Holiday Set)
  3. Colourpop Ultra Satins
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette (Sephora)
  5. Fenty Beauty Foundation (Sephora) (Stunna Lip Pain Comes out 11/23 – HERE)
  6. ColouredRaine Lipsticks
  7. Juvia’s Place

What are some makeup things that you would like to get?


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