Gift Ideas of the Geek Awesome

Geek Wishlist Template
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Hey Loves,

It is time for another wishlist. I do not feel like I need to explain why I love each of these but please click the picture above if you want to see the video where I talk about them. Otherwise I did my very best to find some of these and sadly some of them are already sold out or just gone period. CHECK IT OUT:

Luna Lovegood Wand

Overwatch D.Va Bomber Jacket

Hermoine Granger’s Time Turner necklace

Deathly Hallow Necklace

Ravenclaw Socks and Scarf

Authentic Bento Box

Nintendo Switch

All Nintendo Switch games

Ipad Pro + Apple Pen

USB multicompartment

Stealth 700 Headset

Honorable Mentions: Funko Pops

Overwatch D.Va with Meka 

Destiny Cayde-6

Destiny Zavala

Destiny Ikora

Disney Kingdom Hearts Kairi

Disney Kingdom Hearts Riku

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