Plan With Me| January & 2018

Plan With Me January Template

Hey Loves,

I cannot believe it is already 2018 planning time but I have to say in terms of organization and stuff this is my favorite time of the year. My spreads for 2018 are ready and my list of things to do for my apartment is ready to start crossing off. (Don’t worry I will be sharing this as a post for January). I decided to combine my videos for 2018 and January due to my hard drive wanting to die and thus I lost all of the footage for me creating my 2018 spreads.

Pens Used:

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow Mono Drawing Pens


Other Tools: (Have you seen my JetPens Stationary Haul?)

Tombow Dual Eraser + WhiteOut

Tombow White Eraser

Tombow Adhesive


I should also note that for the January Spreads have a extra addition. I took simple sketch paper and painted the paper. Once dried I just ripped the paper and use those for some of my headers.



2018 Spreads

2018 Page 1
Year At A Glance + Boho Berry Inspired Cover
2018 Page 2
Future Planning 2018
2018 Page 3
2018 Goals
2018 page 4
My Book Tracker
2018 Page 5
Future Travel Plans

January 2018 Spreads

Page 1
Laterns Inspired by PINTEREST
Page 2
My Monthly Plan Page
Page 3
My 2018 Budget Page + January Plan Page
Page 4
Gratitude Art Page + Journal Prompt
Page 5
Fitness Pages

What are your spreads looking like?


Inspiration Credits:

2018 Cover|

January Cover|

Fitness Page|

Goals Page|

Library Page|

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