2018 is here & letting 2017 go

Hey loves,

I was originally going to make a video about this but instead I wanted to just write all of my thoughts so that I can explain fully. HeyClaire on YouTube posted about habits she wants to leave in 2017 and I thought that was a great idea for a post. (I love her channel and editing skills) Normally I have always viewed my birthday and especially New Years as a time to ridicule myself about all the things I did not accomplish or how I was unhappy which always left me in a bad space. This year I took an entirely different approach and man does it feel so much better going into the new year. 2017 was one of my most challenging adult years in many ways than one but with all of that I find myself with an actual direction to work towards and I have never been able to say that. I feel refreshed and excited for what is to come for 2018 but there are some things I want to leave behind in 2017:

  1. Eating my emotions
  2. Talking myself out of an experience
  3. Dishes in the sink overnight
  4. Emotional spending

However I did manage to pick back up some great habits that I want to continue:

  1. Making my bed every morning
  2. 4 am workouts
  3. Consistent uploading
  4. Keep plants alive
  5. Reading daily

I know that to some people this may seem ridiculous or not even a big deal for that matter but to me I am proud of them and will be trying to add to that list. January is not only my birthday month but it is the anniversary of when I started my blog and will be the time I share with you guys the changes for my blog.

I hope you all have a fantastic and safe NYE.


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