Single Girl Survival Guide| Refresh Your Home for 2018

Hey Loves,

I realized as I was making my list of everything that I wanted to do to my apartment (since it is the start of the new year and you know technically Winter started on Dec 21) I realized this was something that I wanted to share with you guys. You probably should be doing this if you have your own space. One of the most therapeutic things that I do for the new year is deep clean my apartment. The only difference is that I also do a “review” of the things in my house. This year I decided I will be redecorating my apartment starting with my kitchen so I may show the makeover as it happens. Ok let me just share my list with you all:

  1. I go through my bathroom and my kitchen and I get rid of everything that has expired. This list includes medicines, sunblock, seasonings, food and the list applies to everything with an expiration date (Since I went through my makeup last month I did not do that this time)
  2. I replace all of the plastic containers that I have in my kitchen that I have been using for lunch AND the plastic bottles I have been using to get water refills. I do not think I have to explain this but microwaving plastic wears it down PLUS washing it. Simply put if you get refills of water  and your water is starting to taste funny, chances are it is time for you to go ahead and get some new stuff.
  3. One of the biggest pet peeves that I have is dirty kitchen sponges. (GAG!) If you only knew the kind of gross that is growing on that thing you would clean it regularly. Yes I am a person who cleans my sponges after using them in the microwave and I switch out my sponges just as regularly as I do my bed sheets and my toothbrush. You might as well also buy some new cleaning gloves at this time cause they have probably been needing a replacement for a long time.
  4. This is also the time I start washing a lot of my throw blankets and pillows that have been keeping me company on my couch through sickness and in health. Plus with it being cold it is SOOO nice to pull a fresh hot blanket out of the dryer at this time.  I also like to change my throw pillow covers just to give my couch a different look.
  5. Another big task that normally takes a good morning or a long evening is going through my clothes and getting rid of everything that is just taking up space. I usually do this is 2 piles– one for donations and one of trash. I usually make sure the donation pile has only good clothes to give but I know that this process is hard for people who are clothing hoarders (talking to you little sister) but you have no idea how nice it is when you realize shopping actually has a good benefit for you.
  6. We have not really touched on this but I hope everyone has a file folder where they keep payment records and other things. If you do I hope you also have a shredder or some place where you can shred your stuff. I have a large pile that I usually have to sit down and handle frequently because I usually only keep up to a year in paid rent receipts and other bills. I shred all the credit card mail I get and I also shred anything with even the slightest bit of personal information on it. (Rip it out of the notebook if you have to)
  7. I hope you have a very large container of white vinegar because not only does it taste good with cucumbers but it is a wonderful cleaning agent. I use it to clean my kitchen and my floors but I also use it to deep clean my appliances. If you have a washing machine I suggest you follow the instructions for your specific machine but I normally put it on the clean cycle or a hot water cycle and just pour the vinegar in it to give it a good clean. I do this once a quarter or if I feel like it has a smell sooner. I do the same thing to my dishwasher.
  8. I usually have my headphones on and some real great dance music on while I shine my wood furniture and wipe down everything else. I spray and flip my couch cushions, I oil down my wood furniture and I take a wet cloth to my other furniture. Stopping midway to have a dance break is not only allowed it is highly recommended. (Right now Bruno and Cardi B with the Finesse Remix is all the life I needed)
  9. I invested in one of the swifter dusters because I could adjust the height and not put my life in danger trying to dust my ceiling fans and everything else that is way to high for me to reach. I also dust my blinds with it and then I used a fabric sheet to dust my baseboards. (Got that from Pinterest)
  10. Last but certainly not least, I call my maintenance to get AC filters replaced because believe it or not most apartment complexes do not check on this for you and it is imperative that you make sure you have clean air.


White Vinegar

Good Music


Trash bags


Do you deep clean for the New Year?

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