Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation First Impression


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Click Here For Video


Today I will be briefly discussing a new drugstore foundation that is a very close second to my obsession with Fenty Beauty. Yet again Maybelline has given me a foundation to try. Surprisingly it is a full coverage foundation that I do not mind wearing. I have worn it a couple times and I can say that me personally whenever I wear full coverage foundation, I can feel it.

It lasted my entire night out though and when my oils started coming through it actually hit my highlighted area. I would also like to say that it sets really well with a powder and I did not have to use color corrector because I would just add a little bit more foundation with my beauty blender. My only concern is the color selection (Yet Again!). My color is great for my skin in the winter time but in the summer I may not be able to touch this foundation because there are only 2 colors after my current shade.

Price: $9.99 (Walmart)

Colors: 356 Warm Coconut

Coverage: Full

Click the picture to see my video review (kind of long so grab a cup)

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?

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