Youtube Is Punishing Me (Small Youtuber) for Logan Paul & Their Mistakes

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Last night I received an email from youtube that was pretty much a smack in my face:


I need to also make a note that I had already met Youtube’s previous requirements so they are actually just taking it all away from me now. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I have never caused Youtube any problems yet they seem to be putting all the blame on smaller youtubers. Why am I making this claim you ask? Well in their creator blog (click here for full blog):IMG_DDB01F32A321-1

Honestly I feel that this is in retaliation to ad apocalypse, PewDiePie and Logan Paul. I also want to clarify from my video that yes I know that they were punished accordingly but they did not lose the ability to make money. They both are still able to make revenue from youtube. IMG_DDB01F32A321-1

My question to Youtube is this: which small youtubers were causing you the problems the bigger youtubers (who have larger audiences) caused? Show me the numbers and I will not complain any further. The clear explanation that I can conclude is that youtubers like Logan Paul make them money so they wouldn’t dare do anything to stop that but because I do not make money, they do not care about me. How do I know this? Well:


So really their justification from screwing us over is…WELL THEY WEREN’T MAKING A LOT OF MONEY ANYWAY. This is not right. What they are doing is making it harder for smaller youtubers to make any progress or grow because every time we meet their new rules, they just change it and claim they are doing it for the better of the community we are all supposed to be apart of.

The only change that is happening to the bigger youtubers is nothing because:


Feel free to read the entire blog yourself but I feel cheated and I wanted to say how I felt. I am sure some of you are saying that I am complaining for no reason and that I should just work harder and you are entitled to your opinion. Here is my opinion:

I have 960 subscriber and in the past year I accumulated 140,096 watch minutes (2,334 Hours) which is a 27% increase from last year. I have 0 strikes on my youtube channel AND I already qualified for the increase of rules they instated in April 2017. Why am I still being punished? Why is there no grandfather clause if you are here for the community?

FYI: I have 30 days to get 40 subscribers and 1,666 watch hours (99,960 watch minutes) so there is going to be in influx of videos but I would appreciate the support.

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