5 Tips to Working Out Early in the AM

The best part about starting to work out consistently since October 2017 is that I finally figure out the formula to keep me working out consistently…AM WORKOUTS. The only problem with that is to get to work on time at 6 am that means I needed to be at the gym by 4 am. YES you read that correctly. I have to wake up at the crack of dawn at 3:30 and I promise at first I thought I was going to struggle every morning but it turns out it got easier. So I am here to give you guys some of the tips and tricks that I am still using to make sure that I get up and get my workout on:


Set an Alarm

For me I did not have to use a bunch of different alarms and that is because my alarm is connected to my watch from my phone. My body sadly not wakes me up before my alarm on most days but they have saved me from a deep slumber. To some people like my sister, you may need multiple alarms to get up and get out. Especially if you live by yourself and don’t have anyone to yell at your for all of your alarms.

Get UP

There is not point to have alarms if you do not actually get up. My suggestion is set the alarm out of reach. Put it somewhere that will require you to get out from underneath your blankets and comfort. Originally my phone/alarm was put right next to the bathroom or even sometimes I have put it underneath my bed which was a guaranteed way to make me angry because I could never reach it without getting down to get it.

Pack Everything the Night Before

“If you don’t plan, then plan to fail” — Or something like that is the quote that follows. The easiest thing about night prep is that you are usually thinking clearer when you are not in a rush. It gives you time to make sure you grabbed your shower shoes and your headphones (I have left both on accident)

PreWorkout/Something Cold

Another tip is basically shock your system and I usually do that with liquid. Yes a splash of cold water in the face or a fresh cold glass of water is a great thing first thing in the morning. With the advocare one/80 I get to spark my mornings right now and I love the burst of energy.

Plan My Workout

This is more towards my self hype and I personally have an obsession with planning and organization (hince my bullet journal obsession). So I like being able to say that I have a plan and that I working out a specific part of my body.

Again these are just a few different idea to help you but I would love to ask you guys a question:

When is your favorite time to workout?

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