Dec 2017/Jan 2018 Books I Read…

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If you all remember I did a Fall Reads and Winter TBR video where I said I would be doing these videos every quarter. However I stopped to think about how many books I read and I realized that I already had so many books to talk about so I will probably be doing these videos a little more often than I originally thought because it was already 20 minutes long.

I would also like to shout out an app that has really been a game changer for me. It is the hoopla app and no this is not a sponsored shout out. Essentially all you need is your library card and you have access to essentially “checking out” digital movies, ebooks, comics, and audiobooks. This is pretty much what I listen to at work everyday now and yes that means I will fly through some books but I have always wanted to try audiobooks without have a cd player. The 2 books I listened to on audiobook were:

Book of 1000 Days – Shannon Hale

Based on the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Maid Maleen. It is told from the perspective of the diary from the mucker maid Dashti. She is imprisoned with her princess for 7 years in a tower because the princess refused to marry the  man her father told her to marry. That is as much as I am going to reveal about the story because I do not like giving a lot of spoilers. What I can say is that this audiobook is a full cast audiobook and it really bought the story to life. A lot of people were praising Dashti but I found her to be a little weak in that she was clearly stronger than she could have ever realized. The princess, though I think it was because of how she was voiced, got on my every loving nerves. People tried to say she had a mental disorder but I just found her to be a entitled weak brat. I did end up liking the story twist at the end and I can happily say that but I am curious to know what you guys thought.

Shatter Me -Taherah Mafi

I think the main reason I was able to truly give this book a chance was because I listened to it rather than read it. I could not possible imagine all the scratch outs in the book because originally while listening to the book, I had no idea what that sound was for. This book focuses on a girl named Juliette who has this ability that essentially drains the life out of people just by her touching them. (Very Rogue sounding to me) She is locked away in an asylum for about a year without speaking when she is introduced to a person from her past and released from prison to meet the psycho Warner. I am using the phrase psycho because I cannot think of another word for him right now. THE ENTIRE “love triangle” of this story really felt cliche and annoying. I understand that Juliette had to show a lot of growth and really was driven by the lack of normal interaction in order to appreciate this book.

Of course I took the time to sit down and enjoy actual books as well:

Turtles All The Way Down – John Greene

This book left me feeling hoodwinked by booktube’s praises. I have never not liked reading a John Greene book but I actually said UGH when i finished reading this book. Since I made that audible it is safe to say I did not enjoy that at all. The main character has some kind of disorder where it literally messed up everything because she stays in her head. Though the premise of the story is given as they are investigating the disappearance of her neighbors father, I truly felt that I was trapped inside that girl’s mind wondering when were we actually going to talk about something other than that stupid band aid. It was an exhausting read and I was not impressed. I actually will be donating this book to my local library as I bought this book.

Cruel Crown – Victoria Aveyard

These are the “novellas” to go with the Red Queen Series and I realized while I sat down to give my opinion of this book that I actually forgot character’s name from this series. I read this book in the beginning of December and it left me extremely unimpressed. The Queen’s Song is the story of how Queen Corinne was courted by King Tiberias and how she had her son. However it also tells you how she was murdered and if I am being completely honest, I am still left with asking myself HOW SWAY? SPOILER ALERT: Queen Corianne becomes so paranoid that she enlists the services of a silver who is supposed to keep others “skills” from affecting her and yet she was still affected. That does not make any sense to me. Anyone care to explain?

I also completely forgot Captain Farley in Steel Scars because that honestly did not explain or help anything. The only thing it explained was what happened to Mare’s brother and honestly they could have briefly mentioned that in book 2. (Which I have not read yet) I actually do not even remember everything that Farley does other than show a weird affection towards Mare’s brother.

Unstuffed: Declutter Your Home, Mind and Soul by Ruth Soukup

This book has been in stash for a while and it is a great checklist to go through at least once a year and I use to give myself a direction for my New Year’s cleanup. It has inspired a lot of bujo cleaning spreads as well.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

I just love rereading the Harry Potter series. It never gets old. Shout out to the Texan Melanin Geeks for starting the book club that has me re reading the series.

The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life Into A Work of Art

The premise of this book is that creativity and christianity go hand in hand. I do not agree and I will just leave it at that. Another book I am donating to my library.

The Ninth Hour – Alice McDermont

This book was suggested to me by my librarian and I am happy with this book. It start’s off with a man leaving his wife and his unborn child by commiting suicide. After than you are introduced to the nun’s and time moves through their lives together. I really enjoyed the way she told their story. She jumped to the future and came to the present so effortlessly that I did not even realize what was happening for the first 100 pages.

Don’t worry my TBR is coming but like I said this was already so extremely long that I decided to split them into 2 videos. What books have you been reading?


3 thoughts on “Dec 2017/Jan 2018 Books I Read…

  1. Hi! The last book that I read was Fahrenheit 451, from Ray Bradburry. It’s a very interesting book!^^ Oh and my video suggestion for the giveaway is a video of motivation? :c

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